Roopkund – Once more!!

Well!! well!! Well!! Where am I to start? should I start with tall, snow-capped mountain which is kissed by the sun with its rays or the lush green meadows that showed you the way to the frozen lake. Yes!! ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about my trek to Roopkund – The Mysterious Frozen lake.

Campsites!! trek pole!! limited food!! Ponchos!! and unpredictable weather!! Himalayan climb (i got it right. didn’t i?) oh my word, these are words that contain volumes of stories behind it.

I had to debate on which i should focus? is it the path to the summit climb or the experience of the climb. tough one though, rather i will thrive on the experience of the journey.

It was in Lohajung (7700 feet), where it all started. It was called as the base camp eventually became the rudiment of many beautiful places that we were about to look at. The journey to the frozen lake took seven days. Well! One can argue the longevity but I would say it is too little to explore the entire landscape. Each day you would walk for 4 hours with your trek pole acting as your third leg. On every day, you would reach a new camp site and make it your own territory for a while with trees, the wild mountain dogs and your fellow trekkers as your companions. There is a reason I say trees, it’s not because it is found in abundance there but it acts as a pillar of support when you are climbing up the hill.

8:20AM: Bright, sunny morning. you turn around and see beautiful trishul mountain which looks at you and asks you am I beautiful? eventually you are left with 10 options to choose, wherein every option depicts the beauty of it and eventually your heart says “Beautiful”.

suddenly, Thunder!! lightning!! cloud cover!!

8:25AM: It has become overcast and started raining. You are left with no option but to take cover. I went inside the tent and sneak peaked at the gigantic Mt.trishul which was covered by the clouds.

Green grass,blue sky with snow-capped mountain in front of you,it can’t get better. Just imagine!!

Hey reader!! I can hear your voice!! the food? isn’t it?

The best part of this trek was the trek itself. 🙂 but it was the food which was even better. India hikes takes care of it and you get the chappatis and dal every day. It was the paneer they made in bedni bugyal(campsite on 3rd day) that was so good.

Green Trails:

This is a program that everyone must know. We keep our surrounding clean. do we? well it’s a debatable question but it is an important duty of every individual to keep our surrounding neat and clean. India hikes took it one step higher by keeping the mountains clean (free of plastics especially).

The Summit Climb:

It was quarter past three in the morning. yess!! it is still fresh in my memory. It rained heavily for an hour, then was a moderate hail shower (well! you can call it that way). It was very dark, at an altitude of 14000ft, we started climbing up the hill to reach the next vantage point, Roopkund-The mysterious frozen lake. With my Head lamps on, trek pole as your third leg, spiked shoe for your grip, the chase to full-fill your dream was on. geeess!! it was difficult but was very exciting to experience it. Hard ice beneath your shoe, as every step you make in this terrain must be measured. Fascinating stuff!! As the clock ticked, with every step we take we move an inch closer. Finally, the time has come, slowly, as the sun shines, with last 10 steps to reach the summit point, a smile, joy, every possible positive human emotion was experienced. The last 10 steps were very crucial as i heard my leader’s voice stating “You can do it.”.

Finally, I did it!!

One must experience a high altitude trek at least once in his lifetime. !!